Sunday, February 17, 2008

DJ San Fran presents GroovEast x Sympatico MSN Radio

Hi friends!

The GroovEast / Galaxie station has currently launched its first phase exclusively through the internet at, and will be launched later this year on all the major cable and satellite TV providers across Canada. DJ San Fran is proud to be programming all the music for this new station, with a selection of contemporary Club, Pop, Dance, R&B, Jazz and House grooves from Japan and beyond!

If you're interested in tuning in through the internet, here's how you can do so:

1. Visit
2. Look on the right side of the page for "Sympatico/MSN Radio"
3. Click on the Galaxie "Launch Player" button. A new player window should pop up. One of the channels will likely start playing automatically (probably Gold Rock).
4. Click on the blue triangle beside the channel name to drop down the list of stations
5. Scroll down and choose "GroovEast", under the International section.
6. Listen and Enjoy!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all of our listeners. May you and your families all have a safe and fun-filled holiday full of love. All the best for the new year ahead!

DJ San Fran and Christine are now working on two new projects that we're sure all of our listeners will love: GroovEast and Popcast88.

check the links on the right...more info to come!

JPopcast Playlist #31 - March 6, 2007

This is Episode 31, which originally aired live on March 6, 2007. This week, we feature the latest from Utada Hikaru, with the image song for Hana Yori Dango 2 Returns. Christine brings us an interview about Iris Cheng, and we also play the latest from Misia, Crystal Kay and more.

1. Utada Hikaru - Flavor Of Life (Ballad Version)
2. T - E Jeo Ni (Forget Me)

*Interview with Olivia Cheng about The Iris Cheng Story

3. Gyakuten Saiban Meets Orchestra - Odoroki Housuke Theme [bgm]
4. MISIA - Suna no Shiro
5. Crystal Kay - こんなに近くで...
6. Yuna Ito - Fragile
7. Clazziquai Project - Love Mode feat. Tablo
8. BoA - Lady Galaxy
9. TRF - Overnight Sensation (Basement Boys Remix)

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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

JPopcast Playlist #30 - February 6, 2007

It's our Valentine's Day slash Lunar New Year triple dosage show with our special guest host, the very lovely Sora Olah from SUNTV's Street Eats who braved the cold to be with us in the studio.

This edition brings you new music from Misia, Fly to the Sky's Brian, predictions and forecast for the upcoming new lunar year, plus talk of food food and more food. Grab a snack and listen up!

1. Misia - Song for You
2. Brian - 가지마 (Don't Go)
3. Chisato Moritaka - Let's Go (I)
4. Pizzicato Five - Sweet Soul Review
5. 비 Rain - With U
6. m-flo - 10 Below Blazing
7. Towa Tei - CHATR
8. DOUBLE feat. Mummy-D - Bed (Doubles Remix)

Mentioned in the podcast:
Street Eats -
Kapisanan Philippine Centre - 127 Augusta Ave N. of Dundas 416-979-0600 or 416-979-0300
* The Carlos Bulosan Theatre is presenting Tales from the Flipside 2007
'An Evening at Tita Cora's'
Feb 23/24 @ the Kapisanan Philippine Centre
Showtime @ 8pm
$15 @ the door
Japanese Design Today 100 @ the Design Exchange

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Keep sending us your requests, comments and feedback, we'd love to hear from you.

Wishing you all the best in the upcoming new year of the Pig!

Monday, February 05, 2007

JPopcast Playlist #29 - January 23/07

New Year Moon
It's getting colder in Toronto as the Arctic winds stay with us for a couple of days, but you can always count on us, DJ San Fran and Christine Miguel to heat it up in the studio with our eclectic mixed bag of music and news.

Safe for several major technical difficulties, DJ San Fran managed to save the show, which is the reason why;
a) you don't hear the usual intro and theme,
b) Hyori's Anystar was cut short and
c) the show is shorter than usual.

It's live radio, what can you do? You will forgive us this time, won't you?

1. Chemistry feat. John Legend - Tokage
2. Sugar - Sweet Day
3. Paris Match - Taiyou no Kuchizuke
4. Mihimaru GT - Kibun Jojo

- music clip for news segment taken from:
Masia One - Split Second Time

5. GO! GO! 7188 - Jet Ninjin
6. Kim Ah Joong 김아중 feat. Loveholic - Maria - from the OST '200 Pounds Beauty'
7. trf - Island on Your Mind
8. Morning Musume - Aruiteru
9. Hyori 이효리 feat Lee Junki 이준키 - AnyStar
10. Yuna Ito - Endless Story (Little Big Bee Mix) - Original version from the OST 'Nana'

Mentioned in this week's podcast:
Toronto's Premiere All-Asian Comedy Troupe!

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Keep those requests coming in!
When you drop an email or a comment, please let us know where you're listening from!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

JPopcast Playlist - January 9/ 07

Happy 2007 Everyone!

We're happy to be back in the studio serving the music and news to all. New music from Coco Lee, plus some classic Jpop and we play a brand spanking new track from new artist Jinu Park.

If you missed our last show of 2006 (December 19/06) it's still available to be downloaded by clicking here.

1. 弟九夜 Ninth Night - Coco Lee
2. Minsang Lang Kitang Iibigin - Mau Marcelo
3. Y (Why ...) - 張力尹 Zhang Li Yin/ 장링인 Jang Ri In
4. Sweet Pain - globe
5. Classic - Judy and Mary
6. Be Your Man (Remix) - Jinu Park

7. 무죄 No Guilt - G.O.D.
8. Don't Cha (Simlish) - Pussycat Dolls
9. Losin' - Yuna Ito

Events Listing:
For info about Fu-Gen's production of 'Singkil' please visit their website at

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As always, please send your requests, comments and suggestions to us at

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Full Moon Playlist - November 28, 2006

Full Moon JPopcast Podcast #26
November 28, 2006 /

This week on our JPopcast, it's all back to the music! DJ San Fran drops a classic from Tamura Naomi, Christine selects new KPOP from Cheon Sang Ji Hee The Grace, the latest from Yuna Ito is featured and we hold a mini-rave with some Trance remixes of JPop artists! O-HAAAAA!!!

Check the Full Moon JPopcast Podcast Blog for a full listing of songs aired at

Please send us your requests and shout-outs to:


01. Tamura Naomi - Yuzurenai Negai
02. Namie Amuro - Body Feels Exit
03. REIRA starring Yuna Ito - Truth
04. Cheon Sang Ji Hee The Grace - 열정(Passion) My Everything
05. Chee's - Snapshot
06. Shingo Mama - Shingo Mama no Oha Rock (readymade cliche 524 mix)
07. ZARD - Can't Take My Eyes Off You (readymade wizard mix)
08. Ahyoomi Lee - 잘못된 만남 (Wrongful Meeting)
09. Every Little Thing - Face The Change (Dirt Devils vs. Above & Beyond Mix)
10. Ayumi Hamasaki - M (Above & Beyond Radio Mix)
11. Morning Musume - The Peace! (Trance Mix)
12. Fantastic Plastic Machine - Petitions

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Monday, November 27, 2006

Full Moon Playlist - November 14, 2006

Full Moon JPopcast Podcast #25 - November 14, 2006

Our 25th podcast brings a special spotlight on the 10th Annual Reel Asian Film Festival. Programming Manager Heather Keung drops in to speak with us about this year's festival highlights. On top of that, we also play a ton of musical requests that have been sent to us from around the world.

Keep those requests coming! Send us an e-mail at:

For more information about the Reel Asian Film Festival, please check out their website!

01. Gackt - Kimi ni Aitakute
~request for Koru
02. The Chillitees - Ex
~dedication to Chel Aguilar
03. Interview with Heather Keung - Reel Asian Film Festival
04. Masia One - Sugar
~request for Heather Keung
05. AK - No One Else
06. Chae Yeon - Mideo feat. D-Low
~Christine's Pick
07. CoCo Lee - All Around The World
~request for Pat Lyttle
08. TM Revolution - Madan~Der Freischutz
~request for Jocelyn
09. C-ute - Massara Blue Jeans
~request for Christopher
10. Misia - Everything (Junior & Gomi's Extended Mix)
~DJ San Fran's pick

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Full Moon Playlist - October 31, 2006

Full Moon Jpopcast Podcast #24 - October 31, 2006

This week's Halloween edition of Full Moon brings you no tricks, but a special treat: a preview of Will W.'s upcoming new album. Will himself came by the studio to talk about his new project and introduce the songs himself. (Full Disclosure: DJ San Fran is a co-producer on a few tracks on the new CD.) We hope you enjoy this exclusive preview, let us know what you think! Along the way, we also have some classics from Ayu and Sandy, plus remixes from Yuna Ito and Nobuchika Eri!

For more info, please check out the Will W. website!

01. Ayumi Hamasaki - Poker Face (Orchestral Version)
02. Sandy Lam - Wild Flower
03. Girlfriends - Maybe I Love You
04. Chae Yeon - Two Of Us

Will W. Album Preview:
05. Will W. - Connection
06. Will W. - My Life Story
07. Will W. - Forbidden
08. Will W. - Love Undone feat. Moulann
09. Will W. - Distance

10. Soulhead - Pray (worked by Kenny Dope)
11. Nobuchika Eri - Yume no Kakera (Linus Loves Remix)
12. Yuna Ito - These Boots Were Made For Walking
(Studio Apartment Remix // Sanfrandisco Anthem Re-Touch)
*exclusive edit by DJ San Fran*

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