Thursday, August 31, 2006

Full Moon Playlist - August 8, 2006

Full Moon JPopcast #20 - August 8, 2006

Join DJ San Fran and Christine Miguel as we celebrate the 20th Podcast edition of the Full Moon show. This week's show has our usual mix of music, requests and adds some discussion of various "news of the weird" articles we uncovered.

Artist - Title - Label

Nina - I'll Always Love You - Warner Philippines
Namie Amuro - All For You - avex trax
Ayumi feat. Dohzi-T and DJ Bass - Nothing From Nothing - Nippon Columbia
~special request for Steve T.
Morning Musume - Ambitious!! Yashinteki de Iijan - Zetima
Heartsdales - Summer Time Blues - cutting edge
Black Eyed Peas - Bebot - A&M
DJ Krush - DJ Krush Theme - meldac
Nobuchika Eri - Kodou (Incognito Deja Vu Remix) - Sony
A Hundred Birds - Free (New Horizon Long Mix) - For Life

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Chris said...

Love the show. Thanks for mentioning my hometown, Stockton, California, on your 8/8/06 show.

My friends out there are running a grassroots campaign to save Stockton's Little Manila district, which once had the largest population of Filipinos outside of the Philippines. They served as consultants on the "Bebot" video and shot a "making of" feature, hosted on their website. Anyone interested can visit them at

Peace out from Silicon Valley!

Anonymous said...

gbdrb tdb

Anonymous said...

i love the nina song