Wednesday, February 21, 2007

JPopcast Playlist #30 - February 6, 2007

It's our Valentine's Day slash Lunar New Year triple dosage show with our special guest host, the very lovely Sora Olah from SUNTV's Street Eats who braved the cold to be with us in the studio.

This edition brings you new music from Misia, Fly to the Sky's Brian, predictions and forecast for the upcoming new lunar year, plus talk of food food and more food. Grab a snack and listen up!

1. Misia - Song for You
2. Brian - 가지마 (Don't Go)
3. Chisato Moritaka - Let's Go (I)
4. Pizzicato Five - Sweet Soul Review
5. 비 Rain - With U
6. m-flo - 10 Below Blazing
7. Towa Tei - CHATR
8. DOUBLE feat. Mummy-D - Bed (Doubles Remix)

Mentioned in the podcast:
Street Eats -
Kapisanan Philippine Centre - 127 Augusta Ave N. of Dundas 416-979-0600 or 416-979-0300
* The Carlos Bulosan Theatre is presenting Tales from the Flipside 2007
'An Evening at Tita Cora's'
Feb 23/24 @ the Kapisanan Philippine Centre
Showtime @ 8pm
$15 @ the door
Japanese Design Today 100 @ the Design Exchange

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Wishing you all the best in the upcoming new year of the Pig!


Anonymous said...

Hi! DJ San Fran and Christine,
June is near the corner. I miss you guys so much. When will you be on air again?

kamisha said...

i miss hearing your podcast! When are you guys going to come back??

Anonymous said...

I REALLY love your podcast! Hopefully you guys return soon with a new eposide! I was looking for the playlist to episode 31 because I really love those songs but it isnt here. Could you please post it?

DJ San Fran said...

Hey guys,

By request, I've finally posted the tracklisting for Jpopcast Podcast #31.

You've been wondering what's going on with the show. I'll be putting an update on the blog shortly.

Francis // DJ San Fran

Samuel said...


It's lovely to have your podcast and sweet Japanese songs...

I have a small request to make. I've been searching for Chisato Moritaka's "Let's Go!" song and album for many years (it aired on TV in my country 10 years ago) but without success.

I would really be eternally grateful to all of you if it is possible to allow me to have a copy of this song's mp3.

Please let me know via my email if it is possible with you.

Thanks for your understanding and your help in this matter.