Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Full Moon JPopcast Playlist

Full Moon Jpopcast


Artist Song Title Album Title Label
CoCo Lee Just No Other Way Just No Other Way Epic/Sony
Sandy Lam When Can I See You Again I Swear Rock Records
Sakura In A Trance The Star XVII Toshiba-EMI
AI Summer Breeze Mic-A-Holic A.I.
globe Anytime Smoking Cigarette Faces Places avex trax
m-flo loves Nomiya Maki Big Bang Romance (P&ART SASANOOHA Mix) Big Bang Romance Rhythm Zone
T feat. Double Double Trouble The Best Album World Entertainment
Bennie K hinadan Essence For Life
Namie Amuro Want Me, Want Me Queen of Hip Pop avex trax
Pushim Like A Sunshine, My Memory (EOL Mix) Like A Sunshine, My Memory ki/oon sony

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