Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Full Moon JPopcast Playlist

Full Moon Jpopcast


Artist Song Title Album Title Label Time
Sakura Flow With Me The Star XVII Toshiba EMI
Akiko Crazy Bout U (Arty Skye Remix) Crazy Bout U Remixes bellissima!
Namie Amuro Ups and Downs (feat. Nao'ymt) Queen Of Hip Pop avex trax
A.I. Sunshine Mic-A-Holic A.I. Universal
m-flo loves Whee Sung I'm The One Beat Space Nine rhythm zone
Norisiam-X Oventuara feat. Sphere Of Influence & Rickie G NXR2 Columbia Japan
Co-Key C2K C2K BRR
Dabo feat. Pushim In My World Music Is Mystic Sony
Mondo Grosso Vibe PM (Masters At Work Mix) Best Remixes

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